Villa Pastorie | Bed & Breakfast and beyond!

Think of Tilburg and the Piushaven might pop up. Right at the beginning of the Piushaven, you can find a unique and surprising establishment at Tilburg’s waters: Villa Pastorie! Villa Pastorie is what you would call the harbor’s living room, whereas it is a remarkable multi functional meeting point.

Villa Pastorie has a colorful span of services; it is known for its excellent Bed & Breakfast, restaurant and hotel. It is all about passing the nights in extraordinary rooms, wonderful food and daring to let yourself rapture by its surprising atmosphere and entourage.

From the minute you enter, Villa Pastorie’s ethos takes you to its heart: relaxation, experience, tranquility and style. A sphere where you enjoy its flawless hospitality and its refined accommodation, all embraced by snugness and warmth.