Food to its finest

Food is not just food; it is a gift by Mother Nature. For this reason, Villa Pastorie’s finest cooks Hans and Guido come up with recipes that arouse your senses to their fullest. Hans and Guido are led by the seasons to surprise you with a very tasty but unforgettable moment. And remember, it is always fair and surprising, yet always with a Belgium twist; that is what makes our menu a joy!

Whether brunch, lunch, drink or dinner, Villa Pastorie makes going out a moment to remember with an extraordinary touch. It is not just the food or the drinks on itself, yet the connection that food and drinks bring is what makes us happy.

Such as spontaneous happenings and remarkable encounters that happen when simply joining the large table in the glass house, having a drink at the bar, enjoying a high-tea in the very comfortable parlor or having a delicious dinner at the favorite table or in the intimate front room are significant elements that make the day special for everyone who visits this wonderful establishment called Villa Pastorie!