Spending the night exclusively

Spending the night in one of Villa Pastorie’s rooms is an experience in itself

The four rooms give you the feeling of unwrapping a present. For example the ‘Chambre de Charme’. This chamber is equipped with surprising and daring elements to give you an authentic feeling: pure, original and inspiring!

Graciousness has been taken care of into its smallest details as well as in its biggest; a freestanding bathtub, a cupboard bed or a bed with a view on the waterside. Furthermore, espy the with great love taken care of restored second-hand furniture. Each and every room is exclusive and has something unique and exciting. A sense that makes you feel at home immediately, yet taken back to the past to forget the stir and the vices of the day.

Each and every room has its own sanitary to give you the comfort feeling you experience when being at home. Wi-Fi and the small coffee and tea corner fill up the charming atmosphere as you may expect of Villa Pastorie. All to make sure you can fully absorb the tranquility and détante Villa Pastorie has to offer.

Costs per room

A double bed costs € 85,00 per night

A single bed costs € 75,00 per night

These prices include breakfast provided with local products.
Tourist tax is excluded.